DB custom (tanto fighter)

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This was originally meant to be the centerpiece for my table at the Sydney knife show. But due to running out of time It never made it. This is a DB custom meaning its a one off piece where I get to play around and be artistic. This one is sort of a fusion between a Japanese tanto and an American fighting bowie knife with a bit of a modern twist to it. Its also rocking probably one of the most difficult grinds I've done yet.

The specs are:

-350mm overall (206mm blade)
- 121mm handle
- A2 tool steel (non stainless)
- patina'd flats and spine
- belt finish satin bevels (400grit)
- compound V ground (hollow belly with a flat tip and swedge)
- unsharpened swedge
- Black canvas micarta with od green bolsters and g10 liners
- Anso pattern in the g10
- copper corby bolts acting as pins
- paracord lanyard
- Kydex sheath with polished and rounded edges
- Free shipping within Australia (different rates apply internationally)

doesn't come with one of my boxes (too large) so I'll include a bunch of stickers instead

I couldn't get the transition between the two grinds as nice as I wanted. They're a few tiny scratches where the two grinds meet that I couldn't get rid of (see last pic). Its very subtle but I've knocked 50 off the price because of it.


finished and ready too ship

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Image of DB custom (tanto fighter) Image of DB custom (tanto fighter) Image of DB custom (tanto fighter) Image of DB custom (tanto fighter)